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How to Properly Maintain Your Water Filter

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Proper maintenance of your water filtration system will increase the chances that you and your family can enjoy safe, healthy and delicious drinking water all year long.

Since the Las Vegas water filtration systems that create this tasty drinking water cannot last forever on their own, they will need your help to keep running at optimal levels. Signs that your system needs maintenance includes low water pressure or sediments in the water. To prevent these issues, use our following tips for maintaining your filtration system no matter where it is located.

Changing Charcoal Filters

The most common filtration systems located in Las Vegas homes are small to medium-sized charcoal filters. Common installation sites include under-sink filtration systems, on-tap filtration and cartridges installed within refrigerators and other drinking water dispensing appliances.

You can usually unscrew these filters from their housing. Inspect them visually for signs of sediments and buildup. Soak them in filtered, boiled or sanitized water to loosen any other deposits and detect further buildup.

Inspect the O-rings that help seal the filter during the process. They may need lubrication from food-safe, silicone-based lubricants to provide an adequate seal. Some O-rings may be corroded or physically damaged and will need replacement to prevent leaks or contaminant intrusion. Ensure you order the proper replacement part or at least the identical size diameter and thickness to maintain system functionality.

Cartridge filters will need complete replacement every six months to 18 months, which will vary according to use, size and local conditions. Refer to manufacturer instructions for specific details.

Las Vegas Reverse Osmosis Filtration System Maintenance

Many homes have more comprehensive filtration systems installed at the municipal source or near their well pump. They may be installed near panels found on the exterior of the home, within crawlspaces and basements underneath the home or inside the home, usually near the hot water heater.

Like smaller cartridge systems, these reverse osmosis systems will need regular inspection, cleaning and replacement — with the first two functions being performed at least twice a year. Make sure you close the main municipal entry (or well) shutoff valve and then bleed off remaining water before removing the cartridges.

Once the system has been shut off, you will need to inspect each filter after removing it from its housing. You can wash off visible sediments with purified water and soak the cartridges for further cleaning. Make sure you do not introduce contaminants while cleaning!

Like the smaller systems above, these large systems may also need O-ring maintenance. Cartridges may need replacement every 1-5 years. Review manufacturer’s instructions for specific details.

Replacing or Installing a New Las Vegas Water Filtration System

Clark County residents and anyone located near the Las Vegas Valley can install a new water filtration system in their homes using one of our recommended water filtration systems. We can also perform maintenance or assessments of water quality, so do not hesitate to contact us for help or with questions about your water purity needs.

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