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Testing Drinking Water Quality 101

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No matter who you are, you need water to function. While water is necessary for our well being, other harmful living things and contaminants can thrive in water. Whether it’s disease causing bacteria or harmful minerals and metals, low quality water can lead to several undesirable outcomes.

Fortunately, there are several ways to check the quality of your drinking water. These tests can reveal a lot about your water, and you should always be informed before you ingest something. Learn more by checking out our handy guide for testing drinking water quality.

DIY Tests

Testing your water doesn’t have to be difficult. There are quite a few tricks you can try at home. The most obvious is a taste and smell test. Frequently, dirty water can be detected quite easily. If your water has an odor similar to rotten eggs, sulfur is most likely the culprit. If your water has a metallic taste to it, metal sediment is likely the issue.

For more specific results, you can get a home testing kit. These handy kits are easy to come by and generally affordable. Apply one to your faucet and it will detect dangerous contaminants like chemicals, lead, pesticides, bacteria and more. If you’re a bit squeamish, definitely try this method first.

Calling for Help

Sometimes a home testing kit won’t be good enough. Fortunately, your water supplier is legally obligated to send you a copy of their last Consumer Confidence Report if you ask. There you can find all the details of your community’s water composition, and you can trust that it’s reliable.

If the Consumer Confidence Report still isn’t enough for you, you can ask your supplier to run a fresh test on the water themselves. This will reveal everything you would find in a home testing kit and more. Remember, your supplier’s testing technology far surpasses what you’d find in your local store, so they’re going to have the details and accuracy you crave.

Finding a Solution

If you discover that your water is of low quality, consider getting a filter or water purification system. These handy additions to your home ensure that you and your family only drink the best quality water, drastically reducing their risk of ingesting metal sediment or getting sick from bacteria exposure.

Getting your home’s water purified can be one of the most important things you do for your family. Some systems are so thorough, that all water in your home will be purified including water used for showers and laundry. Rest easy knowing that your family’s water is protected by a brilliant water purification system.

Check Out Water Purifiers By EcoWater Systems

If you’re unhappy after testing your drinking water quality, consider getting a water purifier from EcoWater Systems. We’re proud to help Las Vegas, Nevada, and the surrounding areas with all their water-related needs and would love to help your family get the highest quality drinking water. If you have any questions about testing drinking water quality or want to check out our water purification systems, don’t hesitate to reach out. We’d love to hear from you. Contact us today!

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