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Water Softeners

Water Softeners

Customized Water Softening Solutions in Southern Nevada

At EcoWater of Las Vegas, we specialize in providing advanced water softening solutions, tailored to address the unique hard water challenges in your Southern Nevada home. Our commitment includes expert installation, comprehensive maintenance, and dedicated customer support, all aimed at enhancing your water quality and ensuring the efficiency and longevity of your household appliances. Contact us today to discover how we can improve your water experience!

Benefits of Water Softeners

Reduced Scale Build-up:

EcoWater systems significantly decrease the accumulation of films on tubs, sinks, faucets, and wall tiles, mitigating common hard water issues.

Spotless Glassware and Dishes:

They help in reducing spotting on glassware, dishes, and flatware caused by hard water.

Enhanced Laundry Quality:

Using these systems results in whiter, brighter laundry while reducing detergent usage by up to 50%.

Extended Fabric Life:

Clothes last longer as hard water residue in fabrics is minimized.

Energy Efficiency:

EcoWater softeners reduce scale build-up in pipes, leading to up to 29% lower energy consumption in water heaters.

Appliance Longevity:

They help in preserving the life of water-using appliances like washing machines, dishwashers, and coffee makers.

Environmental Benefits:

Reduced use of cleaning agents and excess water, contributing to environmental conservation.

Improved Skin and Hair Health:

Softened water promotes more moisturized skin and healthier hair by preventing the drying effects of hard minerals.

Explore Our Diverse Water Softener Systems for Every Home

EcoWater offers a diverse range of water softener systems, each designed to cater to different needs:

ESD2750 SERIES water softener by Ecowater


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A single tank, solid-state softener known for its energy efficiency, automatic bypass during regeneration for continuous water usage, and NSF certification for barium and radium reduction​​.

ESD2752 SERIES water softener by Ecowater


View Specs

A two-tank system that offers features like easy-to-use electronics, energy efficiency, and a bypass valve option for manual system bypass​​.

ERR3700 SERIES water softener by Ecowater


View Specs

A compact, single-tank system featuring HydroLink Plus® Wi-Fi and Smartphone App Monitoring for real-time updates and alerts, including system efficiency and salt levels. It incorporates efficient counter-current regeneration and a patented digital demand module that adjusts based on your water usage patterns for precise regenerations.

ERR3702 SERIES water softener by Ecowater


View Specs

A two-tank system featuring HydroLink Plus® Wi-Fi for instant monitoring and alerts, the system efficiently manages water usage and salt levels. It includes a counter-current regeneration process and a digital demand module to adapt to water use patterns for precise regenerations.

EEC 1502 SERIES water softener by Ecowater


View Specs

A two-tank system that offers features like easy-to-use electronics, energy efficiency, and a bypass valve option for manual system bypass​​.

Custom Water Softening Solutions for Your Home

EcoWater provides custom water softening solutions, tailored to individual home needs. The process involves:

  • 1. Water Diagnosis

    EcoWater Pros start with a thorough diagnosis of your home’s water to identify specific issues like hardness, contaminants, and usage pattern

  • 2. Expert Recommendations

    Based on the diagnosis, the professionals recommend the most suitable water softener system from their range, considering factors like household size, water usage, and specific water problems.

  • 3. Tailored System Design

    EcoWater systems are then tailored to address these specific needs, ensuring optimal efficiency and effectiveness in softening your home’s wate

This approach underlines EcoWater’s commitment to providing expert, personalized solutions, ensuring each customer gets a system that perfectly fits their home’s unique water softening requirements

Eco-Friendly Water Softening: Sustainable Practices for Your Home

flowing tap water and a piggy bank

EcoWater’s water softening systems are designed with eco-friendly and sustainable practices in mind. They reduce the need for chemical cleaning agents by effectively softening water, thus decreasing chemical runoff into the environment. Their energy-efficient design not only conserves power, but also reduces water usage, contributing to environmental conservation. Additionally, by preventing scale buildup, these systems extend the lifespan of household appliances, minimizing waste and the frequency of replacements. This holistic approach underlines EcoWater’s commitment to providing environmentally responsible water softening solutions.

Professional Water Softener Installation and Maintenance Services

EcoWater’s installation and maintenance services are designed to ensure optimal performance of their water softening systems:

Professional Installation

EcoWater provides expert installation services. Their trained technicians ensure that the system is correctly integrated into your home’s plumbing, ensuring efficient operation from the start.

Ongoing Maintenance

To maintain the effectiveness and extend the lifespan of the water softener, EcoWater offers comprehensive maintenance services. This includes regular check-ups, system adjustments, and any necessary repairs, ensuring that your water softener continues to operate at its best.

This combination of professional installation and diligent maintenance ensures that customers enjoy the full benefits of their EcoWater water softening system without any hassle.

EcoWater Las Vegas: Tailored Water Softening Solutions for You

At EcoWater of Las Vegas, we are dedicated to serving the residents of Southern Nevada with our market-leading guarantee on water softening systems. Known for our exceptional customer service, we provide personalized support and expertly tailored solutions to meet the unique water needs of each household in our community. As a resident of Southern Nevada looking for quality water softening solutions, I invite you to contact us for a consultation and discover how we can enhance the quality of your home’s water.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can EcoWater Systems Help with Skin and Hair Problems Caused by Hard Water?

Absolutely! EcoWater systems soften water by removing harsh minerals like calcium and magnesium, which are known to cause dryness and irritation. This leads to softer, more moisturized skin and healthier hair, as soft water is gentler and more effective at rinsing away soap and shampoo residues.

Is It Easy to Monitor and Control My EcoWater System?

Yes, it is. Many EcoWater systems come with advanced features like HydroLink Plus® Wi-Fi and Smartphone App Monitoring. This technology allows you to easily monitor your system’s performance, track water usage, and receive alerts for things like filter changes or system errors, all from the convenience of your smartphone.

Do EcoWater Systems Help in Reducing Utility Bills?

Yes, they do. By preventing scale buildup in pipes and appliances, EcoWater systems help maintain optimal efficiency, which can lead to lower energy consumption, especially in water heaters. Additionally, soft water enhances the effectiveness of soaps and detergents, meaning you can use less, which can further reduce your monthly expenses.

How Does Soft Water from EcoWater Systems Affect Household Cleaning?

Soft water can significantly ease household cleaning tasks. It eliminates the formation of soap scum and hard water stains, making surfaces easier to clean. Also, with soft water, detergents and soaps lather more effectively, so you use less, and it rinses off more easily, leaving surfaces, dishes, and laundry cleaner and without residue.

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