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Our mission is to become recognized as the most customer conscious, highest quality, lowest cost producer in our industry. We like to think of our customers as partners, which results in extraordinary customer service and after-sale support. Our relationship with you will continue long after you’ve purchased any water treatment system product. Please contact us with any of the methods below and thank you for choosing EcoWater Systems!

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Serving families across Southern Nevada.

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For service emergencies, please call (702) 485-3583

Troubleshooting Your System

My softener isn’t using much salt.

An EcoWater softener or refiner is very efficient, so you might not go through as much salt as another brand used. If you feel like your water isn’t soft, and the level of salt is not decreasing at all, please contact us.

I filled the salt, but the light is still blinking and the screen still says to add salt.

After filling the salt, you must set the salt level on the display screen. Note the level number along the inside wall of the salt tank. Then follow the menu instructions on your softener display screen to set the salt level number.

Why is there water in my salt tank?

It is normal to have water in the bottom of your salt tank. If there is more than five inches, or if you suspect a leak, please contact us so that we can assess the situation.

My water feels too soft. Can I adjust it?

No. Soft water is soft water. You cannot adjust the level of impurities being removed from the water.

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