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The Difference Between Whole House Water Filtration Systems and Reverse Osmosis Systems

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We all want to make sure we have safe and clean water in our homes. Water filtration systems have become a necessity, but with so many to choose from, finding the right one for you can be challenging. Two of the most popular kinds of water filtration systems are whole house systems and reverse osmosis systems.

Both of these systems will get the job done, but different systems work better depending on your set-up and standards. Learn about the difference between whole house water filtrations systems and reverse osmosis systems and discover which is best for you.

Whole House Systems

The main function of a whole house water filtration system is to purify water as it enters the house. This means that all water used in your house is filtered as it comes in. These systems tend to be more expensive as they’re large and require hefty installation and service.

The benefit to whole house systems is that your laundry water, bath water and more is filtered just as much as the water coming out of your sink to drink. These powerful systems can also filter out bad odors and tastes, and can even remove chlorine.

Reverse Osmosis Systems

If you want to prioritize filtration of your drinking water, a reverse osmosis system might be best. These handy filters get rid of minerals, metals and other contaminants in your drinking water. While whole house systems filter water as it comes into your house, reverse osmosis systems filter water as it leaves the pipe.

While you can install a large reverse osmosis system in your home, there are also small filters that can be attached directly to your sink faucet. This versatility tends to make these systems cheaper compared to whole house systems. If you’re looking to be economical with your water filtration, reverse osmosis is the clear choice.

The Difference

The primary difference between whole house systems and reverse osmosis systems is when the filtration actually happens. Whole house systems filter water as it enters your home while reverse osmosis systems filter it as it leaves the pipe. This means that reverse osmosis systems really only filter your drinking water.

For long term benefits, however, whole house systems might be the better investment. If you plan to stay at your home for years to come, a whole house system will ensure that all your water is filtered whether you drink it, clean with it or whatever else. These systems are built to last with higher quality systems not requiring extensive maintenance until five to ten years in.

What is the Best Whole House/Reverse Osmosis System?

Whether you need help making your decision or are ready to buy a filtration system today, EcoWater Systems can help. Now that you know the difference between whole house systems and reverse osmosis systems, feel free to peruse our online inventory to see what kind of filtration systems we can offer you and everyone else in Las Vegas and the surrounding areas.

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