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Renovating Your Kitchen: Renovate Your Water Systems

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If you’re tackling a new home project, such as a kitchen or bathroom renovation, you may want to consider updating your home water systems. In addition to improving the livability, enjoyment and health of your home, updated water systems can also increase your home’s value.

Learn more about the benefits of installing a home water softener or water filtration system and how it can improve the health of you and your family.

Does Your Water System Need an Update?

Before you start to investigate the different home water solutions, you’ll need to determine the quality of your home’s water. Some homes are located in areas with naturally soft or clean water, so only minimal efforts are needed to ensure you have the best water. In areas with exceptionally hard or contaminated water, however, it’s best to consider water softener and filtration systems that will address all the issues with your water.

Water Softener Systems

Water softener systems are becoming a big trend for homeowners, with good reason. Many homeowners suffer from hard water, which is water that contains mineral deposits that leave a residue on your skin and clothing. Hard water can cause your clothing to fade, your hair and skin to become dry and damages your pipes and appliances over time. Because detergents and soaps don’t perform effectively in hard water, you also need use more to get your clothes, skin and hair clean.

Water softener systems work by replacing the mineral deposits in hard water, most notably calcium and magnesium, with “softer” minerals like sodium. This helps you have cleaner skin, clothing and dishes, as well as more efficient pipes and appliances. If the higher sodium content in soft water is a health concern for you or one of your family members, no-salt systems are also available.

Water Filtration Systems

Tap water is clean by government standards, but it can still be contaminated by trace minerals, chemicals, pesticides, hormones or microbes, leaving you with water that isn’t as clean as it could be. Over time, some of these contaminants can even cause health issues.

There are many options for water filtration systems, so it’s easy to find an option that works best for your particular home and area’s water quality, as well as your budget. From faucet filters to under-sink mounted filters to whole-home filtration systems, there’s a filtration system that works to give you clean, pure water and increases your home’s value.

Reverse Osmosis vs. Anti-Scale Systems

Whether you’re looking for reverse osmosis filtration systems or anti-scale systems, we have a home water system option for you at EcoWater Systems. Our experienced representatives will work with you to find a customized option for your home’s water quality, so you and your family can enjoy the benefits of soft and pure water to every tap. Contact us today to learn more and determine the best choice for your family’s needs!

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