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4 Attributes of An Ideal Water Filtration System

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Water is part of the commodities individuals consume all day for various reasons, including its health benefits. That makes water a precious commodity for every home. However, that does not suggest that the water that you consume at home is safe for drinking. The quality of water you use in your house has a direct impact on your health.

As such, you cannot afford to compromise your health, especially when you know you have doubts about the water you use within your house. One of the things you can consider, in this case, is investing in a water filtration system.

Note that there are multiple water filtration systems out there to choose from, and that does not imply that any of them is good enough for you. The priority as you shop for a water filtration system for your home is identifying the right option. Here are some of the qualities you should focus on when selecting a water filtration system.

1. It Should Be A Worthwhile Investment

Cost is a factor that most homeowners prioritize when choosing a water filtration system. Part of the things that affect the price of water filtration systems include a filter with a remineralization cartridge, storage capacity, filtration rate, among others.

Additionally, the initial cost of acquiring a water filtration system for your home may seem expensive. However, if the filter can purify your home water more effectively or last twice as long, then it will prove a worthwhile investment. As such, you should identify a water filter that provides the best value for your household requirements.

2. A High Filtration Rate

The water requirement for various homes is different. For that reason, you need to know the amount of water you consume each day as a homeowner when selecting a water filtration system. The filtration rate of the system you opt for will determine the amount of water it can filter every day. In that case, if your daily water consumption is high, you need to choose a filter with the maximum filtration rate.

The filtration rate of the system you choose should exceed your average needs if you do not want your home to run out of drinking water when you need it most.

3. Ease of Maintenance

Replacing the cartridge on your water filter when necessary is not an option. By doing so, you will avoid compromising the quality of the water you consume once you acquire a filtration system. The lifespan of the cartridge you use partly depends on the brand because some will serve you longer than others. Therefore, investing in a filter that does not require frequent replacement is a wise idea because it saves you unnecessary expenses.

Although this may appear a small detail, it has significant long-term effects, including conserving the environment and ensuring that you have clean and safe drinking water at home most of the time. Also, some water filters require monitoring. That is the case with expensive and complex water filters.

The implication, in this case, is that pretreatment of the feed water may be necessary for such filters to remain durable over and beyond changing the cartridge. As such, if you have busy schedules, you should acquire a water filter that will not demand much of your attention and effort. Indeed you need pure, safe drinking water at home, but you do not need to do a lot to get it.

A water filtration expert can advise you on the water filter that best suits your lifestyle.

4. Extracts All Contaminants

Getting rid of contaminants present in your tap water is the primary reason behind installing a water filtration system. The impurities in your home’s water supply can cause illnesses, especially when it has microparasites, bacteria, and cysts that can access your body through impure water.

Household water can also contain harmful chemical pollutants that can escalate such health issues like hormone suppression, high cholesterol, and obesity. Also, carcinogenic heavy metals like lead and arsenic are the other contaminants you can ingest by taking impure water. If you want to know the contaminants present in your home water supply, you can research your city’s water quality report or get a professional to test the same.

Additionally, scales and rust can build-up in your water supply system, lowering the pressure of water coming from your sinks and showers. A whole-house filtration system can remove these sediments and prevent blockage of your water flow, and that will improve your overall water pressure. A system that removes contaminants from your drinking water can eliminate industrial solvents, chlorine byproducts, and organic chemicals.

As a result, the water you use at home will be safe for you, and your family and its taste will also improve. If your home water supply has all the contaminants above, you should opt for such multiple systems like EcoWater Water Refiner because it will soften your water by removing sediments and minerals.

The EcoWater Drinking Water System, on the other hand, will improve the quality of your drinking water.


It is wrong to assume that all water filtration systems perform the same function because that is not the case. So, when shopping for a water filtration system, you need to research and compare the options available, which will help you identify the best. Several things are worth considering when selecting a water filtration system, but over and above that, you need to purchase one that meets your specific needs.

Placing your health in the hands of a reliable water filtration system is worth more than the money you may pay for medication after consuming water with contaminants. It takes a short period to suffer illnesses when you drink impure water, and you can avoid that by investing in the right water filtration system. If you need more information on the attributes of an ideal water filtration system, contact us today!

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