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Best Water Softeners: EcoWater vs. the Competition

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Hard water is a huge issue throughout the U.S., considering that as much as 85 percent of the country’s households have a hard water level ranging from indistinctly to extremely hard. The signs of hard water are actually hard to miss.

For instance, if soap won’t lather or there’s white, crusty scale buildup around the mouth of your water faucets, or there’s scum on water-dependent appliances, you’re having a hard water problem. Besides being bad for your skin and hair, hard water is also responsible for clogging pipes. Solidified scale can accumulate inside your pipes, causing damage to pipes and appliances.

While many Americans acknowledge that hard water takes a toll on them, not all of them take necessary action to remedy the problem. If you’re among the many households with hard water issues, you should take the necessary action, which is installing a water softening system.

Luckily, there is a wide variety of water softening systems to choose from. With a plethora of brands on the market today, choosing a water softening system can be a daunting task. Even with many brands to choose from, water softening systems from EcoWater easily stand out.  

7 Aspects that Make EcoWater Water Softeners the Best Choice

If you’re torn between different brands of water softener systems, opting for a water softener system from EcoWater will prove to be the best decision you’ll ever make for your home. The following are seven aspects that make EcoWater softening systems stand out from the competition:

1.      Unparalleled Experience

EcoWater Systems is the longest-running manufacturer of domestic water softeners in the world. They have been manufacturing high-quality systems since 1925. They have always applied continuing research and development to meet environmental needs. Today, most other companies do not manufacture their own systems, making it difficult to compete with an EcoWater System.

With experience comes superior reliability due to the many years spent perfecting their products to ensure that they meet customers’ needs. No matter what your water issue is, you can bet that EcoWater Systems has heard about it before and it and has a perfect solution to address it. Thanks to their completely customizable systems and high softening capacity, their home water softening systems can cope with the most demanding households or needs.

2.      Unbeatable Quality

Some manufacturers sell ordinary water softeners for city water, knowing very well that they’re susceptible to breaking down in heavily chlorinated water. What you need is a manufacturer that builds high-quality systems that can function efficiently regardless of the kind of water that runs through them.

Besides the incredible wealth of experience that EcoWater has, this manufacturer surpasses its competitors when it comes to the quality of water softening systems. Their water softeners are made using 95 percent of their own components in their US-based ISO9001 quality-controlled facilities.

Besides softening hard water, EcoWater has a wide array of products to eliminate any odors, smells, and awful taste from water. With an EcoWater system, your water will be so soft that your clothes, hair, and skin will love it. In other words, there will be no more dingy clothing, dull hair, or dry skin.

3.      Superior Durability

While some manufacturers are more concerned about the number of products they put out there, EcoWater is more concerned about the quality of their products. That’s why they are focused on manufacturing high-quality water softening systems that can withstand the test of time. Their systems are guaranteed to last longer, eliminating your need for buying a new system anytime soon.

Using water softening systems from EcoWater also ensures the durability of your water-dependent appliances and water-prone surfaces. EcoWater-treated water keeps showers, tubs, sinks, and countertops free from scale buildup, prolonging the life of your appliances. The softened water will also be gentle on your clothes such that they will neither fade nor require lots of detergents to wash them. Moreover, EcoWater offers the best warranties in the industry.

4.      Enhanced Safety

In a market with many competing products, sorting out who you can trust can be challenging. Every manufacturer claims that they’ve got the science all figured out, and that their products are the best. You shouldn’t trust uncertified claims.

An important tool for recognizing the best water softener and making a wise choice is the NSF certification. Earning this certification indicates that a product has gone through rigorous testing and has been found to be safe and efficient.

The NSF certification is one of the things that set water softeners apart from the competition. They are NSF and Water Quality Certified, which means that they are supported/backed by official unbiased third-party agencies.

5.      Improved Energy Efficiency

When hard water scale buildup forms inside water pipes, it slows the efficiency of your water-dependent appliances. The flow of water to your washing machine and dishwasher slows down, and the more energy your water heater requires to function. These deficiencies lead to higher energy costs.

The good thing about EcoWater water softeners is that they are built with energy efficiency in mind. Unlike other brands that use a lot of energy and water to operate, water softeners from EcoWater use less than 17.5-kilowatt hours of energy annually, which equates to less than $2 to run your EcoWater system. Their latest range of EcoWater eVolution water softeners, for instance, are up to 50 percent cheaper to run compared to most basic salt block softeners. 

6.      Fully Customized Solutions

One of the common mistakes among manufacturers is making standard water softeners, assuming that they will suit every household. What sets EcoWater apart from most of these manufacturers is the fact that their water softening systems are custom-built to meet the unique needs of different homes and regions.

7.      Best Water Softening Technologies

Another area in which EcoWater beats many of its competitors is on water softening technologies. This manufacturer utilizes some of the best technologies that this industry has to offer. For instance, EcoWater’s smart water softening technology controls the water and salt used for the regeneration process, ensuring that their water softening systems work as efficiently as possible.

Aside from the water softening technology, water softening systems from EcoWater also feature other smart technologies and features such as:

  • Wi-Fi enabled technology
  • Patented two-way remote monitoring technology
  • Automatic salt-level detection and tank light, etc

Not many manufacturers have integrated smart technology into their water softening systems as much as EcoWater Systems have. If you want value for your money, you already know which brand to choose.

With EcoWater water softeners, you will benefit from the best water softening technologies that are guaranteed to give you clean and safe water for a very long time.

EcoWater has an office right here in Las Vegas, so feel free to drop by anytime. Contact EcoWater or call at (702) 485-3583 to schedule a meeting.

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