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What’s the Difference Between Water Purification and Filtration?

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When it comes to your family’s water, you want to make sure what you are drinking is safe. There are many controversies that arise in regards to what goes into our drinking water, such as fluoride levels in water, prescription drugs and issues with unfiltered bacteria from large water treatment facilities.

Thankfully, there are several options to treat the water coming into your home so that it is safe for your family to drink. These include water filtration and water purification, two similar processes that make your water just as safe to drink as the pre-bottled plastic bottles you can buy at a convenience or grocery store.

Saying ‘No’ to Bottled Water

Some families resort to drinking water only from pre-packaged bottles, but there are many downsides to this. First and foremost, it is ecologically irresponsible, even when the bottles are recycled, as they often still end up in landfills. The plastic can also leak chemicals into the water you are ingesting, which is somewhat counterproductive when you purchased that water specifically for its purity. Additionally, buying bottled water gets expensive—why buy all of that water when you can get perfectly good drinking water from your taps at home? All you need to invest in is the right water treatment system.

Water Filtration

Water filtration is a very basic process to treat water to rid it of impurities through physical, biological or chemical processes. This can be done in a variety of different ways, including simply boiling water or running it through a carbon filter. By removing impurities, water filtration helps improve the taste of water. Water filtration systems can remove even the tiniest particles from your drinking water. However, they do not treat water in any way other than removing particles. For example, they will not treat any possible viruses coming through your water, so they cannot reliably provide the safest drinking water at all times.

Water Purification

Water purification, on the other hand, focuses on removing impurities related to the water’s overall safety. These include viruses, chemicals, biological contaminants and many other materials. This is done through a filtering or chemical process. Though no water treatment system can be relied upon to remove 100% of contaminants or impurities, water purification is more effective than filtration when it comes to removing as many unsafe impurities as possible.

EcoWater Reverse Osmosis

EcoWater’s water purification system involves using reverse osmosis to purify your drinking water right at the point of installment, whether that be your refrigerator or kitchen sink. This reverse osmosis process has been EPA-approved to remove viruses, bacteria and other harmful impurities from your home’s drinking water. It is much more environmentally friendly than other drinking water purification systems while also being highly effective. Over 90 percent of contaminants are removed through the reverse osmosis process.

If you are thinking of adding an environmentally friendly, trusted water purification system to purify the drinking water in your Las Vegas home, we’ll be happy to help. Request a quote today.

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