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What’s the Difference Between Distilled and Purified Water?

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When you’re glancing over all of the various options for bottled water at the supermarket, you may find yourself somewhat overwhelmed with all of your options. After all, who knew that there were so many different types of water? From spring water to purified water to distilled water, the various options can all seem a bit vague and confusing.

Here, we’ll discuss the differences between distilled and purified water to help you feel a bit more comfortable next time you’re wondering which option is best for you.

Creating Distilled Water vs. Purified Water

The distillation process is a very common and convenient method of refining liquids that involves adjusting the boiling temperature in order to separate the steam from the solution. You’re probably most familiar with this process as it pertains to grain alcohols and liqueurs, as the varying boiling points of ethanol, methanol and water make distilling these liquids an efficient way of refining them. Distilled water, similarly, is created by boiling the water and capturing the resulting steam.

Purified water, on the other hand, refers to any water that has undergone a filtration process to remove unwanted chemicals, contaminants or minerals. Many types of bottled water undergo multiple types of purification in order to achieve a higher level of purity, but water purification systems are also easy to install in your own home. Reverse osmosis, water filters, deionizers and water softeners are a few of the most common techniques used to purify water.

Benefits of Distilled vs. Purified Water

Distilled water is essentially the purest form of water because the distillation process gets rid of any minerals, chemicals or contaminants, good and bad. This makes distilled water ideal in medical and chemical experiments, as even the slightest level of heavy metals, hard minerals or chlorides in the water can impact experiment results. Distilled water is also safe to drink, although it doesn’t provide certain healthy minerals like fluoride, magnesium and calcium that non-distilled water contains. Additionally, you can distill your own water at home in small batches using home water distillers.

You can also purify your own water at home with one of the many different kinds of water filters available. However, rather than only being able to create small batches of water, as with distilled water, you can purify much larger amounts of water at home. While purified water isn’t as high in quality as distilled water, it is still safe to drink and does offer minerals that are beneficial to your diet and health. It is also very economic and easy to do, as you are simply using a water purification system to filter the water already coming out of your tap.

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