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Water Quality Considerations When Building a New Home

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Building a new home is an exciting time. But you have a lot to think about before the build. Along with considering the location, size, layout and materials, you’ll also need to consider the water quality in the area you’re looking to build.

Here are a few important water quality considerations when building a new home that will help you ensure the safety of you and your family.

Is There a Well or City Water?

Depending on where you’re looking to build, you may have the option to choose between putting in a well and using the city water. More often than not, however, the location will dictate which of these possibilities is available. Plus, there are some differences between them in terms of water quality.

A private well is an enticing option, but it always carries the risk of contamination from an outside source. Because of this, you need to have a cleaning and filtration system in place to keep harmful toxins, bacteria and viruses from making it into your home’s water. Some well water can be cloudy as well, which is a result of soil particles that found their way into your well.

City water, on the other hand, is chemically treated to kill contaminants, so there’s little risk of contracting an illness from bacteria or viruses. That said, city water isn’t necessarily pleasant since this aggressive treatment leads to chlorine deposits in your water that can change its taste and lead to dry skin.

Both water types can contain dissolved minerals that lead to “hard water,” which can cause staining, scaling, odor and an odd taste.

What’s the Water Quality?

If city water is your only option, you can research the water quality in the area. This is a valuable tool that will give you information about your water source, such as contamination and if it’s hard or soft.

The city usually has a water quality report you can get a copy of, but it’s always best to hire a water treatment expert to test your water and be sure there aren’t any potential problems.

What Water Quality Solutions Are Available?

Once you know what water quality issues you’re facing, you can prepare to install a water treatment system that addresses the specific problems.

The mineral deposits in hard water cause a buildup in your pipes, force you to use more cleaning solutions and dry out your skin and hair. If hard water is a problem in the area, you can install a water softener. This system will filter the minerals out of your water, which allows your appliances to run more efficiently and keeps your skin from becoming dry.

Iron deposits can affect the taste of your water and cause an unsightly buildup on fixtures that’s difficult to clean. If iron deposits are a problem, a high-quality water filtration system can filter out the iron deposits and keep your water clean.

Acidic water can corrode your pipes and fixtures, so this is not a problem to take lightly. In these situations, an acid neutralizer unit will help your water maintain a healthy pH and keep this from occurring.

Learn More About the Water Quality Solutions at EcoWater Systems

There are many water quality issues you could be facing when you build your home, but there are also many solutions to address the specific problems. If you’d like to learn more about water quality and treatment options, call or visit EcoWater Systems to see how we can help you! Call or visit us today!

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