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Why Your Kids Need Cleaner Water

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Drinking water every day is important for our overall health and wellness, but it’s absolutely vital to the healthy growth and development of young children. Of course, children’s drinking water should be as clean as possible, due to their unique nutritional needs and their susceptibility to illness.

Find out why your kids need cleaner water, and learn how proper water purification can help them get a jump start on a healthy life.

Water as Nourishment

Like food and sleep, water is a necessity. Since our bodies are made up of 60 percent water, it’s the single greatest source of nutrition. Humans need to be adequately hydrated for physiological functions, and this is even more important for proper development of young children. Water helps maintain organ health and allows blood to flow properly as well, delivering oxygen and nutrients to each and every cell in the body. Without this function, children can suffer from stunted growth and development.

Disease Prevention

Contaminated water is responsible for many debilitating illnesses, including hepatitis A, cholera and typhoid, many of which can be fatal to a young child. While severe contamination isn’t as much of a concern in developed countries, such as the U.S., small levels of chemical and microbial contamination can be an issue for a child’s vulnerable immune system. Because of this, the effects of cleaner water are twofold: Clean water helps the body develop and function properly, which prevents illness, and cleaner water limits the possibility of dangerous chemicals and microbes from entering the body in the first place.

Elimination of Toxins

Clean, safe water helps the body safely flush toxins out, lowering the risk of illness. Whether these toxins arise from reaction within the body or come from outside contamination, clean water is the first step in preventing these toxins from creating a problem.

Healthy Habits

The unrefined palate of a child prefers carbonated and sugary drinks over the fresh, pure taste of water, which can lead to unhealthy habits that last a lifetime. When children have cleaner, better tasting water to drink, they will eventually learn to enjoy it, which increases their likelihood of drinking water for the rest of their lives. If their earliest experiences with water come with strange or metallic aftertastes, however, it may be enough to put them off and have them avoiding water whenever possible.

In addition, teaching children to appreciate the taste of fresh, clean water has other benefits, such as a lower risk of illness, a lower risk of obesity and better overall health in the future.

Discover Drinking Water Systems at EcoWater Systems

While we’re fortunate to live in a country that regulates our water quality and keeps our drinking water clean and safe, we could all benefit from pure drinking water in our homes. Natural tap water contains dissolved metals, nitrates, mineral salts and chemicals, as well as other potentially hazardous substances, all of which can be filtered out by a water purification or water filtration system.

At EcoWater Systems, we’re committed to providing the cleanest, purest drinking water possible with our state-of-the-art drinking water systems. Contact us today to learn more about our water purification and water filtration systems, and keep your family’s drinking water clean and safe!

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