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The Advantages of Using a Water Filter

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Water is the lifeblood of your house, and you need to make sure that it’s clean. You use it for drinking, cooking, cleaning and more. To ensure quality, you have to take action to filter out all the contaminants and harmful substances. A simple water filter can make a greater difference than you might think.

Water filters come in all shapes and sizes, and you can install them on individual faucets or attach them to your home’s water supply as a whole. Whatever you decide to do, water filters can change the way your family experiences water. Learn more about the advantages of using a water filter.

You’ll be Healthier

You may not feel it immediately, but filtered water is better for your overall health. Harmful bacteria and viruses love water and will cling to it whenever they can. If they’ve infected your water supply, you could be consuming organisms that will actively try to hurt you and your family. Gastrointestinal disease causing organisms are the most common and can put you down for a while. Water filters can remove these by over 33%.

If you have children in the house, filtered water is much better for their development. You’ll often hear some of the more cynical portion of the population claim that children are just walking disease factories, and they’re not entirely wrong. Immune systems in children are still very much a work in progress, therefore children are more susceptible to diseases that can be caused by unfiltered water.

Water Tastes and Smells Better

Have you ever had brown water come out of your faucet? Perhaps it tasted a little earthy or smelled of rotten eggs. These are all pretty common problems that can be fixed with a quality water filter. City water often puts chlorine in the water supply to kill any invading bacteria. However, if too much chlorine becomes concentrated, your tap water will start to taste like a pool.

More serious contaminants like sediment, sulfur and lead can also seep into your water supply. Not only will the water taste vile, but the smell will be horrid. Getting rid of these horrible tastes and smells is just one of the many advantages of using a water filter.

It’s Cost Effective

When your tap water isn’t quality enough on its own, you really only have two options. You can get a water filter or buy bottled water. A water filter can be a bulk expense at once, but bottled water is more expensive than you might think. An extra downside is that bottled water may not even be properly filtered depending on what kind you get. It’s far safer to install a water filter from someone you can trust.

Water Filters from EcoWater Systems

If you’re looking for a water filter you can trust, check out our selection from EcoWater Systems. We’re dedicated to providing environmentally friendly, quality water treatment solutions. With the clear advantages of using a water filter, installing one in your home can be one of the best decisions you can make for your household. Contact us today to learn more about what we can offer you!

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