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5 Situations When Home Water Filtration is Essential

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Whole-home water filtration is a good idea for any family, but not always for the same reasons. Some people wonder why water filtration is necessary, especially if you benefit from a water main connected to treated city water. However, depending on your neighborhood you may already know that not all municipal water is treated equally. Each state and county has different standards for water treatment and each region has different water contamination risks.

The benefit of a home water filtration system is that no matter what is going on with the water outside your home, it’s completely clean and safe by the time it comes out of your taps or flows through your appliances.

Today, we’re here to take a look at five different situations when home water filtration is essential to enjoying clean water without worrying about the state of the pipes, taps, or water supply outside your home.

When Floods Contaminate the Local Water

Heavy rains are the number one cause of water contamination. The city does it’s best to keep the treated and filtered water separate from the natural water supply that contains contaminants, but that’s not always possible when flooding causes overflow from one source of water to another. Any time it has been raining enough to see storm drains backing up and serious car-drowning puddles in the streets, there’s a good chance your city will issue a water quality advisory as well.

When the rest of your neighbors are boiling every glass of water they drink, your home will be safe because the water is filtered the moment it comes through the water main.

If Your Region Produces Hard Water

Regions that produce hard water have extra minerals like calcium and magnesium in the rocks that leach into the water. These minerals are harmless to your health to drink, but they can affect the tastes and quality of the water. Local municipalities almost never filter for hard water minerals because they are harmless to drink, but they’re not harmless for your pipes, appliances, or even your skin. 

The most noticeable symptoms of hard water are chalky white residue on your dishes when they come out of the dishwasher and the same chalky residue on your sinks, tub, faucets, and clogging up your shower head. This is why soaking a shower heat in vinegar and pouring vinegar into the dishwasher is a common plumbing tip, as vinegar can dissolve the chalky residue known as Scale. This scale builds up on everything from your dishwasher sprayer arms to your clothes and hair, and even causes regular plumbing clogs by building up inside the pipes.

With home water filtration, on the other hand, those water-hardening minerals are filtered out before they run through the taps meaning that you can stop worrying about water residue, white marks on clean dishes, dry-feeling skin, or laundry that never seems quite clean enough.

If You Live in an Area with Old City Pipes

Sometimes, the issue isn’t the city’s water treatment standards but the quality of the pipes between your home and the treatment plant. If those pipes are very old, they might be depositing rust flakes or, even worse, undetected lead particles from outdated and unsafe pipes into your water. Trace elements might be relatively harmless but over time, your family can suffer from exposure to heavy metals and other contaminants that come from very old pipes that run through your city’s water system.

Your water filtration unit ensures that even these unavoidable contaminants from municipal pipes, or the water main itself, cannot harm your family because every drop of water in the home is cleaned to perfection.

When There is Work on Your Neighborhood Pipes

Last but certainly not least is when there is work on the pipes in your neighborhood or along the line between your house and the water plants. If work crews have to dig for utility lines or construction, there’s a chance that they will hit, nick, or intentionally open one of the pipelines that carries water to your home. When this happens, contaminants can get into the water which may make your home water unsafe to drink even though it has gone through the treatment plant.

Fortunately, the water filtration system in your home protects you from these temporary but very serious dangers. This way, when the city sends out water boiling alerts or even when they don’t realize the damage and no one is alerted to the contamination, you can be confident that your family is drinking clean, safe water because it is filtered right in your home.

If you Las Vegas home does not yet have a home water filtration system, it’s never too late to take measures to protect your family from these incredibly common but dangerous contamination risks. Contact us today and our team will be happy to help you identify the right home filtration system for the size and needs of your household. There are many benefits to home water filtration, and peace of mind is one that we are glad to provide with high-quality filtration systems and professional home installation.

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