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5 Reasons to Stop Buying Bottled Water

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Bottled water has become a normal thing in our life, but have you ever stopped to think what exactly that means? Water is the most abundant thing on the planet apart from air. Three-quarters of the planet is covered in it, so why are we giving up so much money paying for it?

Bottled water can be convenient, but the downsides are just far too numerous to make any bottled water purchase worth it whether you only care about your own wallet or the fate of the world as a whole. Here are 5 reasons to stop buying bottled water.


Some may think that water bottles make things more convenient, but unfortunately, the opposite is true. When you’re at home, it might be easy to grab a bottle of water out of the fridge, but how much time are you wasting by putting filtered tap water in a glass instead? There are also water fountains all over the place in urban and suburban areas. It’s easier to carry around one bottle you can refill rather than go through several bottles you’ll just get rid of.

Sustainability Problems

The production costs and waste produced from water bottles simply isn’t worth it in any way. Producing the plastic bottles actually uses up oil in the manufacturing plants. Without the resources from bottle water manufacturing, we’d have enough extra oil to fuel up a million cars for a year. Recycling rates for bottled water is depressingly low with the vast majority of them sitting in landfills as they undergo their centuries-long decomposition process.

Commodification of a Necessity

Water is something that every single person in the world needs to survive, no matter who you are. Access to clean water is a basic human right in the developed world, yet the existence of water bottles suggests you have to pay for your rights. When companies and corrupt governments know that people are willing to pay for water, they have no incentives to simply give it to communities who actually struggle to find clean drinking water.

Lack of Cleanliness

You may be thinking that at least bottled water is clean, but you’re only partially right. Plenty of unappealing minerals can slip through the bottling process and infiltrate the water. The plastic from the bottle itself can ooze chemicals into the water, so you’re likely getting something worse than you’d find from the tap. If you live in the developed world, tap water is controlled through water cleaning facilities which are government regulated. Bottling companies are guided by their bottom line, not by healthiness.

You’ll Save Money

The most blatant benefit of not buying bottled water is that you save money. If you want clean water, one of the best things you can do is put your money towards a water filter instead. The price differences between tap water and bottled water are too vast to ignore. You’re mainly paying for that flimsy plastic bottle since the water itself costs companies virtually nothing. They save even more with their lack of filtration at times. With tap water, you can see the filter and not have to fork over your hard earned cash for a hunk of weak plastic.

If you’re looking to get a filter for your faucet or even a water softener for your entire home, EcoWater Systems is happy to help. Now that you have reasons to stop buying bottled water, it’s time to improve your water drinking experience. Contact us today!

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