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8 Ways to Reduce Water Usage

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You need water everyday for a variety of different uses, but how closely do you monitor the amount of water you use? Physically, there’s more than enough water on the planet for everyone, but societal conditions have lead to water becoming a scarce resource. Things don’t look to be changing anytime soon, so it’s important that you reduce water usage when able.

While it may seem tedious, saving water can be easy and can go a long way for boosting your health. Check out these eight ways to reduce water usage, and learn how to play your part in protecting the future of water on this planet.

1. Fix Leaks

While this may go unnoticed, leaky taps and pipes and running toilets cause gallons of water to go to waste every day. Even if the signs of leaks disappear, you should still check your water meter to see how much water is being used. If you know you turned everything off and the meter is still showing usage, water is being wasted somewhere like underground pipes.

2. Buy Water Efficient Appliances

Your dishwasher, washing machine and toilet all use a lot of water. When washing dishes, go ahead and save up until you have a full load. The same goes for clothes. The more you can get done at once with the least water, the better. Investing in a low flow toilet can even cut water usage by more than half.

3. Install Aerators

Whether it’s your sink or your shower, all your faucets need aerators. Not only do these handy attachments reduce noise, control the water stream and increase perceived water pressure, but they also help with saving water.

4. Turn Unnecessary Water Off

You may not think about it, but you might be wasting a lot of water when you brush your teeth. You don’t need the faucet on the whole time. When you’re brushing, make sure you turn the water off.

5. Install Water Softeners

Most people buy water softeners to prevent mineral and metal laced water from damaging their appliances. However, soft water also lathers much easier meaning you’re likely to spend less time in the shower.

6. Mind Your Irrigation

If you have a garden or like to keep your lawn well irrigated, make sure you’re putting the water in the right places at the right time. You don’t want automatic sprayers to water the sidewalk and the road, and you don’t want the water to evaporate before your plants can absorb it.

7. Collect Rain Water

While it certainly doesn’t sound too appealing to drink, the plants in your garden won’t mind. Use collected rainwater to water your plants, so you don’t have to use any extra water at all.

8. Use Grey Water

Plants are versatile organisms and can stand it just fine if you decide to water them with old dish water or old pasta water. You can even reroute the runoff from your washing machine for some extra savings.

Learn More with EcoWater Systems

Here at EcoWater, we want everyone to be conscious about their water usage and how it affects the environment around us. Water is a valuable commodity facing numerous problems, but with these eight ways to reduce water usage, you can be part of the solution. We’re committed to using water responsibly which is why we design our products to be green and have ever since our founding. Contact us to learn more!

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