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What Causes Hard Water?

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Hard water conditions lead to many problems for residents of the Las Vegas Valley. For one, hard water makes all kinds of soap and detergents work more poorly than usual. People may notice their shampoo or body soap not really leaving the feeling of cleanliness on their bodies. They may also notice their dishes having a bit more grease or a chalky film left over from minerals.

Most of these issues will not lead to serious health problems, but they can wreak havoc on your plumbing, appliances and personal appearance. Hard water may also indicate pH issues with your water supply, which necessitates keeping a close eye on conditions.
But what causes hard water? And how can Las Vegas water softener systems help? We will explore both questions below in order to help you have the best showers, dishes and general life quality possible.

What Exactly Is Hard Water?

Many people blame “hard water” when their water quality or the household activities that need water are not quite up to snuff. However, they may not know exactly what “hard water” means or why it can cause such a wide variety of issues.

Simply put, “hard water” refers to water with a higher concentration of dissolved mineral deposits in it than usual. Most of the time, these minerals are calcium and magnesium, although other minerals like iron can be present.

These minerals in your drinking are not bad for your health in nearly all instances, and in fact may help you get the supplements you need for a healthy diet!

However, they can taste unpleasant, and they can cause issues with the normal sudsing actions of most soaps and detergents. Soaping action normally aided by water results in parts of the soap compound binding with minerals instead of dirt and grease as intended. These new mineral/soap combinations are sometimes called “curds,” and they can stick to your hair, skin, dishes and water fixtures. If you notice limp, stiff hair or persistent buildup on your shower head, hard water could be to blame!

What Causes Hard Water

Hard water most commonly results from water with a high acidity (low pH) that comes in contact with soil deposits a water supply usually encounters. The higher levels of acidity dissolve more of the minerals than usual before carrying them through your home’s pipes.

Minerals can gradually build up or “scale” on pipes and appliances, meaning that sometimes they will dissolve further into your drinking supply even as the source concentrations deplete. In other words, hard water can be a hard problem to get rid of, especially if local water sources experience spikes in hardness or fluctuations in pH.

How to Get Rid of Hard Water with Las Vegas Water Softener Systems

Most water filtration systems cannot remove the ultra-small dissolved minerals found in hard water. Those that can often become overwhelmed with the high amounts of sediments they trap.

The solution is for Clark County residents to install a Las Vegas water softener system. These systems use ions to cause the water hardening minerals to bind together and then fall out of the water solution. The result is purer water and less work for your home filtration system.

If you are interested in water softeners or the quality of your home’s water supply, you can have us come out and perform a water diagnosis test. Contact us today to schedule yours, so you can banish hard water and other quality problems as quickly as possible.