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3 Benefits of Water Softeners

A quick scan of the refrigerator in a grocery store or gas station should show you that there are many different kinds of water out there, with associated benefits and disadvantages for each one. For example, the water found in your home is typically hard water, which over time can cause noticeable damage to your plumbing.

To prevent this, the team at EcoWater Systems in Las Vegas encourages all potential clients to incorporate better water softeners, which are used to treat and remove harmful compounds and metals from your water supply. As a result, there are many benefits of water softeners that you should be aware of if you intend on renovating your water management system.

Hard Water vs. Soft Water

The water running through most homes is usually considered hard water, meaning that it has a very high mineral content due to the water supply percolating through limestone and chalk. Drinking hard water is more or less safe, but hard water is not so unforgiving on your plumbing. Over time, hard water will wear down and damage your pipes, leading to potentially costly repairs.

Water softeners remove these minerals, including magnesium and calcium, through a variety of methods. Most commonly this includes thorough ion exchange or reverse osmosis, though chelating agents and precipitation can also be used.

Benefit #1: Water Softeners Can Save You Money

This is a pretty obvious benefit of water softeners. By treating harmful hard water with water softeners, you can better look out for your plumbing and save money over the long run on repair costs. You can also hope to hold onto your appliances a little longer since you do not have to worry about water damage. The initial cost of installation is also relatively cheap, and you are sure to make back your investment quickly.

Benefit #2: Water Softeners Make Cleaning Easier

This includes everything from clothes to dishes, which after washed in hard water might eventually start to show streaks, stains and spots. Water softeners help to rinse and remove residue completely, thereby reducing the need for a lot of soap and cleaning chemicals and saving you, even more, money. If you also notice film and soap scum left behind in tubs and sinks, water softeners can prevent that as well in addition to clearing deposit buildups in your pipes.

Benefit #3: Soft Water Heats Up Faster

If you find yourself waiting forever for your hot water heater to kick in, trying out water softeners might be a good shift for you. More efficient than hard water, soft water heats up much more quickly, which will lead to nice savings on your utility bills in the long run.

Explore More Benefits of Water Softeners

You have many options when it comes to managing your water supply, but if you have never before considered water softeners, there are some excellent benefits that you just cannot ignore. So for more information on what water softeners could do for your home or to talk to a sales agent directly, contact a representative at EcoWater Systems and get started today.