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Water Treatment Myths Debunked

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Every time we log on to our computers or check social media, we are bombarded with information, and it’s important to remember that not all of it is true. The idea of water treatment has its fair share of myths out there from the practically harmless to the absurd like fluoride being bad for you.

Treating the water in your home is one of the most important things you can do to reduce costs, reduce your water improvement and simply improve your water quality in general. It’s still a big step, however, and you deserve to know the truth before you commit. Here are the most prominent water treatment myths debunked.

A Fridge Purifier is All You Need

If you’re worried about dirt and sand in your water, the purifier in your fridge will take care of it for you. It also does well to eliminate any unappealing tastes and smells emanating from your water. However, it will only deal with the biggest contaminants in your water. If your tap water isn’t properly filtered with something like a reverse osmosis system, you’re still at risk for numerous contaminants that can greatly lower the quality of your water.

Water Softeners and Water Purifiers Do the Same Thing

While both softeners and purifiers help filter your water, they address different issues. Water softeners are designed to specifically get rid of calcium and magnesium content in your water. They work by replacing those minerals with benign sodium ions. For other contaminants like chlorine (commonly found in city water), you need a separate purifier. As an added bonus, a water purifier can help extend the lifespan of your softener.

Purifying A Home Water System Will Cost a Fortune

When it comes to water, the most costly thing you can do is buy bottled water. Even if you invest in a high tech water filtration system, you will still save more money than you would buying bottled water frequently throughout the year. Honestly, who wants to carry those big cases of bottled water inside anyways?

Water Softeners Make Your Water Taste Salty

Water softeners use sodium to treat water by replacing the magnesium and calcium minerals with sodium ions. When people hear this, they think their water is going to be filled with sodium. Fortunately this is not the case. The softener produces sodium bicarbonate which is distinct from sodium chloride which is what table salt is. It’s also important to note that softeners use secondary filtration to get sodium bicarbonate out of the water, so you’re left with fresh clean water. If it were filled with sodium to the point it tasted salty, it wouldn’t be so good for cleaning.

Water Treatment with EcoWater Systems

With the most common water treatment myths debunked, you are armed with knowledge and can decide if water treatment is right for your home. If you want quality systems and service, EcoWater is ready to help. Our high quality water treatment systems are perfect for any kind of home and can greatly reduce the quality of your water. Contact us today to find out more about what we can offer you.