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8 Things a Water Diagnosis Test Can Detect

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The hardest part about trusting your water supply is not knowing what is in it. Microorganisms and other contaminants are often far too small for us to see with the naked eye, and we usually have to take at face value that the water is clean and safe. Once you start to notice your water smelling, tasting, or feeling different, however, it might be time to act. By undergoing a simple water diagnosis test from EcoWater Systems, you can determine very quickly what is or is not wrong with your drinking water.

The following are eight things a water diagnosis test can detect.

#1 Hydrogen Sulfide

Does your water smell like rotten eggs? Hydrogen sulfide is distinct for its crisp smell and is caused by decaying vegetation and other oil deposits trapped far beneath the surface of the earth. When it gets into the water supply, hydrogen sulfide can corrode your plumbing and darken silverware.

#2 Chlorine

When your water smells and tastes like a swimming pool, you know you have a problem. You will often find chlorine in your water supply because of municipal treatment plants, but it usually means skin irritation on the part of the homeowner.

#3 Iron & Manganese

Known also as rust water, when you have a high amount of iron and manganese in your water supply, expect more stains in the tubs and sinks of your home as well as on your laundry. Over time your pipes will also accumulate some bad scaling.

#4 Calcium & Magnesium

Otherwise known as hard water, the presence of calcium and magnesium in your water supply is easy to spot due to the scum stains that are left behind. Hard water poses a threat to your plumbing system given enough time, so you should be proactive.

#5 Acids

Water will naturally grow more acidic as it passes through hard rocks such as marble and granite. Unfortunately, you cannot detect this by smelling or feeling the water, though you will eventually notice it from the blue-green stains that will appear on your pipes and plumbing fixtures.

#6 Turbidity

Caused by the presence of dirt or suspended solids in the water supply, turbidity gives water a very cloudy or milky look. More than anything, it makes your water unappetizing, but this dirt can clog faucets and pipes, leading to costly repairs.

#7 Nitrates

Nitrate is the natural form of nitrogen that is found in garden soils to help plants grow. If you are a homeowner using ground or well water, you should therefore look out for harmful levels of nitrates in your drinking supply.

#8 Algae & Mold

If your water has a very fishy or earthy taste, you could have algae, mold, or bacteria swimming through your pipes. Should this be the case, you will want to get your water treated right away.

Schedule a Water Diagnosis Test Today

Your drinking water should be clean no matter the cost, and if you suspect that foreign contaminants are present in your water supply, you should schedule a water diagnosis test with EcoWater Systems today.