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Three Risks of Not Installing a Home Water Filtration System

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Your home’s water supply affects more aspects of your life than you might think. You’ll recognize this quickly if your pipes every freeze or something else happens that cuts off your access. Merely having running water isn’t good enough, however, for the lifestyle that you deserve. You need to make sure your water is clean.

In order to keep your home’s water clean, you need some way to filter out the toxins and minerals and other harmful contaminants. A home water filtration system is a great way to do this, but some people are still skeptical. If you have any doubts about this system’s necessity check out these three risks of not installing a home water filtration system.

Chemicals and Toxins

The primary reason you would want a home water filtration system is to filter out harmful chemicals and toxins. A lot of harmful bacteria thrives in water. They need it just like we do, so they don’t hesitate to get in any water source they can find, including the one that leads to your home. A filter would get rid of any harmful bacteria before the water comes out of your tap.

If your water comes from a city’s municipal water system, it’s probably already filled with a few extra chemicals. Cities frequently put nitrates, chlorine and fluoride in water to protect against the bacteria mentioned before, but they still allow for other harmful minerals like magnesium and calcium to seep through. These can be dangerous in large quantities and with prolonged consumption, so it’s better to be safe with a water filtration system.

Bad Taste

Clean water simply tastes better. That’s a fact that no one who has ever accidentally swallowed shower water can deny. Hopefully your tap water isn’t nearly as bad, but it can always be improved. Without a filtration system, the water from your tap could be filled with undesirable minerals which can give it an earthy taste that’s not very pleasing. Contaminated water can also smell like dirt or even rotten eggs if it gets infected with sulfur. Whatever the case may be, a filtration system would eliminate the problem.

Degrading Appliances

If you’ve lived with unclean water, you may notice some hard deposits around your drains and faucets. These don’t have to be there. With a filter, you won’t have to worry about them since they are buildups of the invasive minerals in unclean water. When you filter those contaminants out beforehand, your appliances stay nice and clean. The same applies to any cookware you add water to.

EcoWater Systems

If you’re looking to avoid these three risks of not installing a home water filtration system, check out the systems we offer at EcoWater Systems. When you work with us, you can be sure you’re getting a quality water filtration system, whether you’re looking for a water softener, water refiner, an anti-scale system, a drinking water system or something else entirely. We even offer whole home systems that can completely revamp your entire home water quality. Contact us today to discover how you can improve the water in your home.